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Our guest this week on Art of the Song is Jack Williams. His music, rooted in his native South Carolina, was shaped by five decads of playing folk, rock, jazz, R&B, classical and the popular music of the 30s, 40s and 50s. He is counted among the most dynamic performers on today's "folk" circuit. Jack is considered a "musician's musician", an uncommonly unique guitarist, a writer of vivid songs with a strong sense of place, and a storyteller in an old Southern tradition who further illustrates each tale with his guitar. Jack Williams frequently shares his musical knowledge with others. In addition to leading numerous workshops as he tours the country, he has been on the staff of some of the best songwriting camps in the US. This show features the interview and excerpts from a full concert Jack performed at the Art of the Song Coffeehouse in Albuquerque, NM.

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This week on Art of the Song we feature one of the world's most beloved voices, Diana Krall. A jazz musician who achieved crossover success with her unique blend of bop piano and soulful, sultry vocals. With multiple awards and over 6 million albums sold, Diana is fearless in her creative expression. She talks this week about taking risks, passion and her latest project Wallflower, where she shares her interpretation of some of her favorite songs from her high schools days.



Our guest this week on Art of the Song is Folk/Roots artist Grant Peeples. Grant is a repatriated ex-patriot, a self-described LeftNeck, a finger-in-your-eye sorta songwriter. “Songwriting is a contact sport,” he says. And... his mother finds his songs... disturbing. Grant Peeples is known for his axe-sharp socio-political tunes as well as Roger Miller type humor and heart rending ballads. Music News Nashville called him “a guitar-slinging poet.” We spoke with Grant in our Albuquerque studios.