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This week on Art of the Song we revisit a 2005 interview with the late Bill Morrissey. John and I were visiting Tamworth, New Hampshire, coincidentally on the third anniversary of Bill’s passing. Since we were staying about a mile from his gravesite we decided to visit. Then the next evening we went to hear Cormac McCarthy, a friend and former music partner of Bill’s. There, we had the pleasure of meeting Bill’s mother and brother, who had come to remember Bill. Today, we’re pleased to honor the legacy of Bill Morrissey.[visit Bill's website]

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Tret Fure's career spans 4 decades. She began her professional work at the age of 16, singing in coffeehouses and campuses in the Midwest, moving to Berkeley where, after performing weekly on the campus of UC Berkeley where she attended college, she discovered that music really was her life. In the early 80s, Tret left the mainstream music industry. Armed with a fierce desire to retain full artistic control, she began exploring the independent side of the industry and soon discovered the blossoming genre known as Women's Music. Now after 6 acoustic releases on her own label, Tomboy girl Records, she has re-established herself as an icon in the folk world.



Musician, Songwriter, Producer, Actor, Performer, Recording Artist, Audio Engineer, Teacher, Troubadour and Santa Fe resident Jono Manson sat down with us in our Albuquerque studios to talk about his latest projects and what's it's like to have a life immersed in creativity.


Darryl Purpose

Our guest this week on Art of the Song is Darryl Purpose. With a storyteller’s heart Darryl has connected with audiences in the top folk venues in the country, including Club Passim, McCabe’s, The Bluebird Cafe, and The Kennedy Center. In the nineties he joined with a group of musicians and peaceniks to walk across the entire United States for peace. In 2005, Darryl put down the guitar and resumed his former career as a professional card player. During that time he earned enough money to buy two houses, one for himself and one for his mother. He is one of 17 members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame. Thankfully, Darryl has returned to music. In 2012 he released the highly acclaimed CD, Next Time Around, which spent five weeks at number one on the Roots Music Report folk chart. We spoke with Darryl in our Albuquerque Studios about music, card playing and healthy living.